NTCC was Gold Sponsor for the workshop presenting as District Cooling & Trigeneration leader in the region. NTCC and Subsdiaries (IES, Source Energy, Saudi Cooling and DTZ) were participants of the event.

The Gulf Countries Today face many challenges within the Energy Sector such as low efficiency, a soaring growth rate and dependence on the government for subsidies. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has planned over US$3 trillion of developmental projects scheduled to begin construction across the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia by 2020.

The kingdom is now looking at more sustainable, energy efficient and cost effective methods of cooling and heating. District Cooling, Cogeneration and Trigeneration play a vital role in energy efficiency and emission reductions. These technologies are also important because of their versatility they can increase the efficiencies of renewable as well as fossil fuel energy sources, and are suited for small, medium and large-scale applications.

The GCC Region is accustomed to using District Cooling & Cogeneration and are today looking at Trigeneration for power generation, heating and cooling. Trigeneration installations have a proven track record for efficiency and power saving across Asia, Europe and America with some countries fulfilling from 30% to over 50% of their national power generation needs with CHP.

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NTCC (The Tri-generation Company) was honored to participate in Saudi Arabia's largest and most efficient trade show in the Middle East, 'Saudi Energy Show' in May 2014. NTCC showcased environmental friendly power generation solutions. Recent industry reports have revealed that power consumption in Saudi Arabia continues to grow at a steady rate. Over the last decade, the Kingdom witnessed an average annual increase of eight per cent in electricity demand, with the number of subscribers significantly rising by an average of 5.2 per cent. The demand in the housing sector particularly remains strong, with the sector consuming 50 per cent of the Kingdom’s total electricity production. Industrial electricity consumption, meantime, grew by an average of 6.9 per cent.

The Kingdom’s power generation capacity needs to expand by an average rate of 13 per cent until 2015 to meet the increasing demand for electricity. The Saudi Government continues to make major investments in order to sustain the growth and further enhance the power sector. In 2012 alone, the value of investments made on power-related projects was pegged at USD 37.5 billion. 

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NTCC was part of the 2nd Annual District cooling stakeholder’s summit in Dubai at The Habtoor Beach Resort & Spa on 5th and 6th of May 2014. The event had representations from Ministry & Government authorities, Planners & developers, Tri-Generation companies, District Cooling operators, industrial, banking and legal sectors.

The summit had its focus on different facades of District Cooling technology including enhancing energy efficiency and energy conservation through the increasing use of the technology, integrating District cooling with other new age technologies, role of Governmental authorities in promoting the effective implementation of district cooling, project financing for district cooling projects, the scope and opportunities for the technology in the middle east etc.

NTCC dignitaries who shared the stage included the CEO Eng. Saud Al Arifi and Eng. Habeebulla Khan. NTCC, through its preferred Absorption chiller partner BROAD, represented by Mr. Jason Jian, highlighted the application of absorption chiller technology in district cooling systems, thus optimizing energy efficiency and environment friendly solutions. NTCC through its participation in the event upheld its resolve to be the pioneer in promoting the energy efficient systems and solutions in the Middle East.

NTCC was the official host for The Kingdom Tri-Generation summit conducted at Four points by Sheraton hotel on the 29th and 30th of September 2013. The event had participation from the pioneers in the Tri-Generation industry along with representations from development Authorities, Ministry, Energy consultants, Automation Solution Providers and others.

The event hosted an eminent panel of speakers from among the best in the industry including representations from ECRA and Royal commission for Jubail and Yanbu. The presentations included topics ranging from inception to completion of Tri-Generation projects along with its financials and cost effectiveness in the long run. The list of speakers from NTCC included CEO Eng. Saud Al Arifi, Eng. Habeebulla Khan, Mr. Hisham Alhegelan, and Eng. Mohammed Aboulaban.

The discussions covered the entire spectrum of topics on the technology including the role and applications of the technology in KSA, topics on technical facets of the technology along with its implementation challenges, integration of the technology with the existing prevalent systems, global case studies on its applications, Operation & maintenance of Tri-Generation plants, the financial part of the projects with advantages and the environmental benefits from the technology.

There was an obvious consensus among the participants of the summit, which included regulators and solution providers, in their resolve towards accepting and implementing the technology for the upcoming projects. NTCC, through the leadership position in the summit once again reaffirmed its tenacity to be the frontrunner and guiding force in taking the technology further.

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